Irish Poetry Therapy Network Conference 2020
Strength Through Poetry in Challenging Times
Zoom Saturday 17 October 2020

Monday, September 28, 2015

Workshop Sessions:

Carol Boland - Finding your Rhythm
A workshop where music and poetry combine to connect us to our inner rhythm. Finding the beat in poetry with the help of a conga drum, we will discover our natural flow so helping to keep us in sync with our true selves.

Theresa Kelly - Poetry Immersion
An invitation to meet ourselves at a deeper level by opening to the words of published poets, accompanied by music and movement. Engaging with the poetic words to help us find our rhythm and express it through the healing power of our own words and poetry.

Ger Campbell's interactive workshop combines poetry and reflective writing with a movement meditation. We will engage with the concept of “rattling the bones” a practice used by Native American and African tribes. This practice helps release tensions, fears and anxieties held in the body. Through movement meditation we can centre and ground ourselves thus freeing us up to write and explore the rhythm of the empty spaces within us and allowing for a deepening awareness of self.

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